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As we celebrate diversity within unity in this, the 144th year of Collegiate’s existence, our theme for the year is “Telling your Story”.  The flipside of this coin is “Listening to someone’s Story”.   We all have a story that makes us who we are, that drives us, clouds our judgement or makes us more empathetic.  The more we know and care about our fellow citizens, the better our community will function. We want to encourage personal growth and broader understanding by reaching out to others.  With our motto being Facta non Verba, Deeds not Words, it is something that every girl and member of staff at Collegiate can embrace.  We will encourage the telling of stories in the classroom, in mentor groups, during breaks, at societies and on the sports fields.  May every girl find her niche at Collegiate and be comfortable in her own skin.

Facta non Verba


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