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In 2017 we are focussing on building unity amongst staff and girls.  The school celebrates 143 years of existence and has seen many changes throughout those years.  However, as we face change, we must also look at that which binds us together.  As one of the top Girls’ Schools in the country, we celebrate the consistent excellence of our matric results.  Last year’s group achieved a 100% pass rate with 97% of the girls attaining Bachelor passes.  We are proud of their 325 distinctions, even though it was a small group of only 122 girls.

We are privileged to work, learn and play on such a beautiful campus, with dedicated staff whose singular focus is to assist every girl to achieve her full potential.  We are proudly South African, Port Elizabethans and members of the College. 

May this year bring strength, hope, joy and unity to all who are at Collegiate.

Facta non verba


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