House Day Awards Info


  1. Awards will be given for main areas: ACADEMIC; ACHIEVEMENT; SPORT; CULTURAL; SERVICE and DEPORTMENT.
  2. A girl is not eligible for an award if she does not participate at school in the activity in which she has achieved if the activity is offered at school. However, she could be eligible for a Principal’s Award.
  3. Awards are always made at the discretion of the Awards Committee and take into consideration not only achievement but also conduct, attitude and participation.

1. Scroll
2. Silver Bar 
3. Blazer

1. Principal’s Award 
2. Spirit of the College


The highest award attainable in Grades Eight and Nine is a silver bar.

When a girl re-qualifies for a blazer in a particular discipline, an award of Ivy leaves is made to indicate the re-award.

In the case of Principal’s Awards, the award is a badge. This is awarded to girls who are in Grade Ten and above. The achievement must be at the highest level of the activity, i.e. comparable to criteria for a blazer. Each sport or activity will be assessed individually.

In the case of “Spirit of the College”, the award is a badge.

Submission of Nominations for awards

All proposed awards to be made are to be submitted by the teachers in charge of the particular activity to the person listed under the specific area. This person then checks that all the awards have been motivated correctly and that the necessary proof has been attached. This person then submits the proposed awards to the Head of Awards.  (For example, all sports awards are submitted by Heads of Sports to the Sports Administrator, for checking. The Sports Administrator then checks the documents before submitting all sports nominations together to the Head of Awards.)

Proposed awards are to be submitted on the Awards Submission Form with proof of achievement attached. 



Date of House Day

Awards submission deadline


Queen Mary


Academic; Achievement; Music; Service Blazers (only if qualified by Queen Alexandra House Day in Grade 11); Equestrian Awards; Principal’s Awards

St Michael and St George

21 April 2021

17 March 2021

Summer Sports Award (including tennis – winter season of previous year); Service to summer sports; Deportment

Queen Victoria

12 May 2021

3 May 2021

Cultural awards

Queen Elizabeth

18 August 2021

 6 August 2021

Winter sports; Service to winter sports; Ballroom Dancing; Music; Service to Tutoring and to School (Matric only)

Queen Alexandra

6 October 2021

16 September 2021 (Academic – 23 September 2021)

Service (All areas); Matric Academic; any late qualifications for awards for Matrics. Principal’s Awards