Tennis Awards Criteria

Tennis is both a summer and winter sport. However, tennis awards may only be awarded to a girl once a year, at the end of the summer season. This will include achievements in the winter season of the previous year (except in the case of Grade 12 who may receive recognition for this in the final House Day of the year).






  • 1A or 1B Team – one year (80% participation)
  • U14 Singles Championship winner
  • U16 Doubles Championship winners

·         U14 Provincial Representation


Silver Bar

  • 1A or 1B Team – two years (80% participation)
  • U16 or U19 Singles Championship winner
  • U19 Doubles Championship winner
  • EP U19 Provincial Representation

·         EP U16 Inter-Pro Representation



  • Winner of 1A League 
  • EP U19 Inter-Pro representation

·         National Inter-Pro representation

·         Exceptional Player – with motivation

Requalification for a Blazer in a second season will be a re-award signified by Ivy Leaves.

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