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Dear Grade Eight Parent – 2019


Thank you for confirming your daughter’s place at Collegiate in 2019 by acknowledging her acceptance and paying the deposit.  We look forward to welcoming your daughter into the school next year.

In Grade Eight, the girls have three choices to make regarding subjects:

  1. In Grades Eight and Nine, one of the compulsory subjects is Creative Arts. Within this subject, there are four creative disciplines, of which each learner must choose two.  Collegiate offers three of the disciplines and your daughter must choose any two of these three.  However, there are criteria to be met in order to be accepted into the Music discipline.  These are detailed on the subject choice form.

  1. Apart from English Home Language, your daughter must study a second language on First Additional Level. At Collegiate, the choice is between Afrikaans First Additional Language and isiXhosa on First Additional Level.  The criteria are detailed on the subject choice form attached.       

  2. In addition to the compulsory curriculum, your daughter must study a third language on Second Additional level at Collegiate. The choice is between French Second Additional Language and isiXhosa Second Additional Language.

Please complete the subject choice form below by no later than FRIDAY, 14 SEPTEMBER 2018.  Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact Mrs Kim Keen on 041-373 7705.

Yours faithfully



There are three subject choices to be made in Grade Eight 2019, involving languages (Afrikaans FAL, isiXhosa FAL, isiXhosa SAL and French SAL) and Creative Arts (Music, Visual Art and Drama).  Please consider your daughter’s interests, talents and capabilities when making the choice. 

Music as a subject will be taught as part of the Creative Arts programme.  Owing to limited facilities, availability of teaching staff and the necessity for individual lessons, the number of Grade Eight music students that can be accommodated will be limited.  As such, the admissions requirements are as follows:

  • Learners need to provide evidence of AT LEAST a Grade 2 practical certificate in any of the acceptable Examining Bodies (Trinity/Royal Schools of Music/Unisa).
  • Learners need to provide a RECENT report from the Junior School practical music teacher.
  • Lessons on the following instruments will be offered:

Piano, violin, viola, cello (up to Grade 4), trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, flute, recorder, voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion and soprano/alto/tenor/ baritone saxophone.

  • In the case of pianists, learners must have access to an instrument on which to practise. All other instruments can be hired from Collegiate Girls’ High School, subject to availability. It is however, encouraged to purchase your own instrument.
  • Learners need to be available for individual lessons before and after school (ie. 06h50 and 14h15), as well as on rotation basis. This is due to timetabling constraints and availability of staff.
  • The selection of learners into the Music Programme is at the discretion of the Subject Head, and is subject to the availability of teaching staff.
  • Learners may take a second instrument, but this will not fall under the Creative Arts programme, and will thus be charged as an extra-curricular activity.



  • Please choose ONE of the following:
  • Please choose ONE of the following:
  • This requires learners to study TWO artistic disciplines. Collegiate offers FOUR, so learners have a choice: Choose TWO of the following:
  • Music Application Form

    Only to be completed if you have met the specified criteria.
  • Does your daughter have her own instrument?
  • Does your daughter have her own instrument?
  • Practical & Theory
  • Please note that no subject changes are permitted from Grade Eight going into Grade Nine.

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