From the Principal’s Desk

Collegiate High Principle - Mrs M Bagshaw

Mrs M Bagshaw

This year we celebrate Collegiate’s 145th birthday.  The Founders of this School believed that young women need to have the same exposure to education that young men have and today we continue to empower the ladies of the College.  By enacting our vision, Pursuing Excellence Through Holistic Education, and offering a multitude of opportunities at the School, we strive to create leaders, critical thinkers, environmentally conscious people, solid citizens and lifelong learners.  We constantly focus on our five values: good work ethic, respect, responsibility, compassion and integrity to build the young women of tomorrow. We rely on, and are grateful for, continued support from the parents, the Old Collegiate Girls’ Guild and the broader Community to assist us in educating these young women.  Our future is in their hands.

Facta non Verba

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