From the Principal’s Desk

Collegiate High Principle - Mrs M Bagshaw

Mrs M Bagshaw

As we celebrate Collegiate’s 146th birthday in 2020, we look ahead to 2024 with an eye on the 150th year of the Founding of Collegiate.  As with all institutions that have an extensive history, Collegiate continues to build on the past whilst planning for the future, always moving forward, never standing still.  Whilst the buildings and facilities are maintained and improved, the biggest change is always the people who live and work at the School.  We are now entrenched in employing Millennials and educating Generation Z.  This means that being literate implies technological literacy.  It also means that environmental issues are being driven by this new generation.  We now have to teach our girls to be discerning about what they read in cyberspace.  Our role has changed from being an information source, to a life coach.  We need to build strength of character, analytical and critical thinking and self-love.  As a living organism, Collegiate thrives on change, but relies on the strong and stable foundations of those who have gone before us.  May we continue to produce women of excellence, regardless of their generation.

Facta non Verba


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