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Pursuing Excellence through Holistic Education

Collegiate Girls’ High School in Port Elizabeth
Adopted in 2014

Collegiate Girls' High School was founded in 1874 and soon adopted a tradition of academic excellence and being a leading girls’ school.

This tradition endures today and is reflected in the current vision of “Pursuing Excellence through Holistic Education”. A balanced member of society is one who pursues excellence in all areas: the intellect; the physical; the social and the spiritual.

It is the aim of the school to provide the balanced education necessary to attain its vision, and to this end five values are promoted; the motto is a reminder that it is not what one says but what one does that is important; whilst the mission statement elaborates on the steps of implementation of the vision, values and motto:









“Facta non Verba” – “Deeds not Words”


This is called:

The School Ethic and Code of Conduct”.

Click here to download the pdf.







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