Sharing her reason for dancing, Collegiate Old Girl and retired associate professor of the Rhodes Drama Department, Juanita Finestone-Praeg feels that she dances “not because of what people think but because I believe that dance is not only about making beautiful shapes with the body, but using the whole being to make art”. The “whole being” Finestone-Praeg proposes resonates with the holistic approach Collegiate endeavours to promote to learners who have a myriad of choices to guide them on their own path toward fulfilment. Not only are the Arts, Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts important components in developing learners’ total experience of engagement to discover talents – sometimes hidden – but provide delight for most Collegians who either practice a music instrument or participate in touring theatre productions and films.

The investment in human resources is notable in the Collegiate Arts departments with educators who are expertly trained in their areas of specialisation. From participating in international competitions, eisteddfods, exhibiting in publications to staging productions at festivals or embracing digital platforms for film releases, the Arts at Collegiate have provided spaces and opportunities for learners to meet the world through the wide range of art forms, genres and unique expression each department and its diverse educators share.

Collegiate offers all four arts – Music, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts as subject choices in Grade 10 to 12.  Dance Studies as an additional eighth subject is offered.   Learners can choose two art forms in Creative Arts in Grades Eight and Nine selected from Visual Arts and the Performing Arts (Music or Drama).