The possibilities for enriching curriculum work are extended through the intramural activities offered at Collegiate Girls’ High School – there are myriad cultural, artistic and scientific areas of interest to nurture pupils’ curiosity as they find the path on which they wish to journey through the world. From classes in performance to caring for our common home, the Earth, Collegians can celebrate their passions, fill their afternoons with healthy diversions, and indulge in presentations and activities hosted by staff and instructors.

Art Enrichment

The Art Enrichment Society offers learners the opportunity to engage with visual art media that they are not normally exposed to as part of the school curriculum. By focusing on a variety of visual art media like digital art, collage, photography and drawing, learners not only get insights into the creative processes of the visual arts, but also improve their visual literacy and ultimately their understanding of the world and its challenges. The society is also dedicated to appreciation of the arts and attends exhibitions and art happenings around the city.

Ballroom dancing

Collegiate-Grey Ballroom Dancing Society classes are hosted by Dare 2 Dance studio, for a yearly fee, at either Collegiate Girls’ High School or Grey High School once a week. Learners can work towards completing their pre-bronze (beginner), bronze (intermediate), silver (advanced) or gold (advanced) South African Dance Teachers’ Association bar tests for ballroom and/or Latin dancing styles.

In addition to learning syllabus work, a number of line dances are taught on a regular basis. The Collegiate-Grey Ballroom Dancing Society team normally competes at the annual inter-schools ballroom competition. The Grand Ball, hosted by Dare 2 Dance, is a highlight on the society’s calendar.

Bioscience and the Environment

Caring for our common home, the Earth, is an integral component of Collegiate’s philosophy. From saving paper by taking the digital route, to implementing recycling projects and planting trees, the Bioscience and Environmental Society prepares our learners for the challenges of climate change and the everyday wear and tear our planet endures.

Collegians are exposed to stimulating activities and projects, and engage in experiments and presentations, as well as enjoy outings, to apply knowledge while learning new skills.


The Collegiate Acting and Theatre Society (CATS) offers learners the opportunity to engage with the dramatic arts through stage and film. By focusing on a variety of theatre genres and filmic conventions, learners not only gain insights into the creative processes of the performing arts, but also exercise soft skills, vital for embracing the challenges of the world.


The choir offers a space where learners can free their minds by singing with fellow choristers, sharing their love for singing with one another and the audience. Choral singing of a high standard requires diligence, commitment and teamwork.

Concert Band

The Collegiate Girls’ High School Concert Band is a testament to the talent nurtured by our Music Department. Comprising more than 50 members, the Collegiate Girls’ High School Concert Band boasts a delightful repertoire that has brought it success in international competitions. Several of the band’s musicians are accomplished individual instrumentalists and their combined endeavours produce a collective sound that is sweet music.

String Ensemble

Collegiate’s string ensemble gives bowed string players of various levels the opportunity to perform in an ensemble setting. The ensemble regularly performs at school concerts, string festivals, music eisteddfods and music competitions.

Vocal Ensemble

The vocal ensemble, comprising passionate vocalists, is best described as a group for singing actors. It performs a repertoire of contemporary songs and musical theatre. Often, the singing is accompanied by dance and spoken dialogue, which gives learners a foundation to perform in musical productions.


Collegiate debating has always been a top-of-the-league society. Debaters have the ability to think laterally, and the activity of debating teaches our learners to explore the world from all sides, while thinking on their feet.

First Aid

We have a well-established base of First Aiders ready to help and care for someone in need. Whether the emergency is on the sports field, a netball court or in the classroom, they are always willing to be of service. One can join this group by completing a self-paid first aid course organised by the school through a registered and accredited training provider.

Level 1, 2 or 3 certificates allow learners to give back to the school in the form of service hours, as well as to the community (should the need arise).

French Society

This society allows learners to broaden their knowledge of France and the French language and culture by engaging together in presentations, films, games, music and dialogue. It’s a wonderful vehicle for bringing the subject of French to life, as it reinforces what is learnt in the classroom through meaningful, unforgettable experiences and new friendships.

Xhosa Society

The Xhosa Society aims to encourage learners to remember who they are through dance, song and poetry and to promote ethnic heritage.


Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people. Consisting of members aged 14 to 18, Interact gives learners an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service-focused projects that make a difference in the school and its communities. Along the way, the learners (Interactors) develop leadership skills and initiative, and meet new friends while embodying the school motto of Facta non verba – Deeds not words – as they become more aware of the realities of the world around them. At the same time, they work on their understanding and compassion, and strengthen their community ties through weekly activities and year-long projects.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King Jr

Literary Society

The Literary Society is a stimulating space for learners to nurture a love of reading and writing. It features discussions and debates about literature, and learners are encouraged to share their own writing in the form of stories, personal essays or poetry – and in so doing, gain confidence by finding their voices. In addition, the society watches thought-provoking films based on literature.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) provides a space for Collegians who believe in the message delivered by the Prophet (PBUH) that the Almighty has blessed them. The MSA offers our Muslim learners the opportunity to celebrate their Islamic faith through prayer and readings.


The Photography Club aims to connect technical photographic competency with visual literacy and creative expression. Thus equipped, learners can contribute to the school’s constant need for images across its many platforms.

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club offers learners a fun way to swell their general knowledge and to compete and represent their school at league events. Weekly meetings take many forms that blend creativity with competition and curiosity. League events see Collegiate joining seven to 10 other schools every second week, where they follow a seven-category format of scored questions.

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is a bright multipurpose venue that houses a physical library with an array of genres, private study tables, group workspaces, comfortable seats for leisure reading, and a copier-printer at the disposal. Monitors assist learners while serving the school in this leadership role. 

Student Christian Association

The members of the Student Christian Association (SCA) believe that the Bible is a unified story that leads people to Jesus. The aim of  SCA is to explore this beautiful story made up of Biblical narrative, poetry and prose discourse, through reading, worship and prayer. The club offers a space where everyone is welcome to share personal experiences and find purpose.

Technical Crew (TECRU)

Tecru is a society that operates behind the scenes. It’s an elite group of technically trained girls who runs lights and sound for assemblies and stage productions.

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