Vision, mission, values and objectives


To pursue excellence through holistic education.


Collegiate aims to provide:

  • A sound holistic (academic, cultural and sporting) education
  • A stable, disciplined and aesthetic learning environment

and instil in our learners:

  • A high code of ethics, based on Christian principles
  • An awareness, tolerance and understanding of others

in order to enable them to become well-balanced, informed and responsible members of society.


Our five values are: integrity, respect, good work ethic, responsibility and compassion.

Each grade has a value assigned to it – the grade head and the Representative Council of Learners (RCL) representatives are the champions of their grade’s value.

Grade 8 – Good work ethic
Grade 9 – Respect
Grade 10 – Responsibility
Grade 11 – Compassion
Grade 12 – Integrity


The objectives of the school are:

To provide sound academic instruction through the medium of English.

To maintain a balance between academic, cultural, and sporting activities.

To instil in the learners a high code of ethics (based on Christian principles) and an awareness, tolerance, and understanding of others which will enable them to become well-balanced and responsible members of society.

To utilise any property or income for the benefit of all learners who attend the School.

To provide accommodation, with full board and recreational facilities for those learners who are unable to attend the school on a daily basis and who reside in the School Hostel.