Hostel – Waterfield House

Waterfield house, the High School Hostel, is a spacious modern facility. Attached to the main buildings and in close proximity to all school activities, the girls enjoy the facilities and security of the school at all times.

The Hostel caters specifically for High School pupils. Girls up to Grade 10 share pleasant four-bed dormitories. The senior girls have their own rooms. The sunny dining room is serviced by a fully equipped kitchen that supplies three healthy meals a day. Facilities for the girls include a prep-room, music rooms, TV and recreation room, and a modern computer network. A fully equipped sick bay, in-house laundry and a coffee room for matrics also cater for the well being of the girls.

The Superintendent and resident Matrons are fully qualified to ensure the efficient daily running of the Hostel and supervision of the boarders. Rules and the regulations enable successful management, ensuring a harmonious living environment.

The girls are encouraged to and do participate the typical “Boarder Spirit” in all facets of school life. Special event dinners and interaction with the boarders from their brother school Grey, contribute to their social life.

At Waterfield House the girls develop independence, self-discipline and the ability to look after themselves. With tolerance of others outside their immediate family, they grow and become aware of the broader community and its needs.