Clubs & Societies

At Collegiate a policy of developing the whole person is followed. Thus, the cultural and community-focused clubs and societies form an integral part of Collegiate and we encourage each girl to become involved in at least one cultural or community-focused activity. There is something for each girl: if your talent lies in the musical arena, you can join the choir, the concert band, the strings ensemble or the flute choir, while the art club and the photography club cater for the more visually creative girl. Then there are activities to extend your intellect such as the chess club, the bio-science club, and the debating society. If you are a dramatic person, join the drama club; a physical person, join the ballroom dancing club; a lover of words, join the literary society or the toastmaster’s youth leadership course. If you are interested in specific cultures, join the Xhosa society or the French society. If you wish to serve the community and develop your inner self, join Interact or the Students’ Christian Association.

Apart from the many activities listed on this page, there are other cultural events that take place during the year such as the various public speaking competitions, the speech and elocution competitions, the writing competition, the Inter-House play festival and various musical events.

You will also gain experience in ensemble playing and develop musically.

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