Collegiate Girls’ High Heritage

Founded in 1874 in response to the need for girls’ education, Collegiate Girls’ High School has evolved from its initial location in Bird Street to the current campus in Parsons Hill where it continues offering teaching and extra-curricular activities through nurturing engagement. As one of the oldest schools dedicated to girls’ education, Collegiate is a reputable educational institution known for its part in learners’ holistic upbringing.

From its inception, Collegiate has steered the changing world unerringly in its commitment to unlocking each learner’s potential for personal excellence, a continuing tradition handed down by those who have served the school. Its headmistresses, teachers and the young minds entrusted into their care, have shaped and will continue to shape the spirit of the school.

Collegiate interacts widely with the communities of Gqeberha. The annual Carols Service, which has been part of the city’s cultural heritage for over one hundred years, is synonymous with Collegiate’s commitment to the Community Chest. All learners, through Houses and, from 2022, all clubs and societies actively support organisations through outreach. Living the spirit of Facta non Verba, this social engagement and the annual Charity Bazaar afford learners opportunities to develop as responsible citizens through service to others.

The active involvement of parents and past pupils, epitomized in the Old Collegiate Girls’ Guild, has enriched the lives of present pupils in the form of facilities, awards and bursaries and the aesthetically beautiful school buildings in which they work and play. This support of the School has also made an invaluable contribution to the success of Collegiate and its ongoing commitment to holding the space for learners to succeed according to their individual potential.

Although the school’s traditions and ethos are based on Christian values and beliefs, there is a full acceptance of and a respect for other religious faiths. Furthermore, Collegiate is committed to creating a school environment that is conducive to each person claiming the right to feel loved and welcome. The five values: integrity, compassion, responsibility, respect and a good work ethic are promoted and ascribed to.